Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goals, goals, goals (Which are good? Which are bad?)

I've deliberatly focused on goals that are not achievable by purchasing something. This is to replace one I made when I was much younger that included some more difficult ones like, "See a uincorn". Which, incidentally, I still have not achieved.

1. Run a 4 minute mile
2. Do a single chin-up
3. Bench-press my own weight, 3 X 5 reps
4. Obtain my F.A.C
5. Learn Klingon
6. Drive a motorcyle
7. Earn my brown belt in Kung fu
8. Squat my own weight, 3 X 5 reps
9. See a major city in China
10. See Bath/ Cork/ Dublin
11. Play "Le Valise D'Amelie" on the piano
12. Submit a piece of writing to be published
13. Participate in a marathon
14. Achieve armored/ mobile patrol position

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