Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jagerkin Sandwich

(The finesse of which is legendary)
A shameless tribute to Girl Genius

"Firsht hyu gets some bread, besht if it's someboddy else's bread."
"Hey dot's mine!"
"Shot op, Hy'm teaching. Hyu can hef firsht bite."
"Then hyu go sqvish some bugs und nancy-boys into a nize pashte und pour dot on de bread."
"Then gets some sewer rats und pot dem on!"
"Hey! Vho's teaching diz?"
"bot hyu're doink it vrong!"
"Shot op. Now den. Hyu gets some sewer rats und pot dem on too. Then hyu light it all on fire! Ta-da!"
"Hey! Thiz iz pritty goot! Jusht like mom used to make!"
"The only problem iz aftervards vit de screemink und de burnink. Then hyu need to find a Heterodyne to fix hyu op."
"Yah. Dot's bad."
"Dot's it for today. Make sure hyu gots you hat!"

On a side note, My site that I am stationed at is closing down. I have put in a bid for the mobile patrol division of my company, but my boss has suggested a far more interesting idea: Armored. Wish me luck everyone! All I need's my FAC, and I'm golden!