Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wildcard Weekend: Bacon of Happiness

Since I am happy (I got a phonecall from my fiance who is currently away working through summer. He got to arrest someone the other day - Exciting!) I thought, "What better way to push my happiness on other people than with a beloved childhood character?"

For those who grew up with Calvin and Hobbes, here is a revisitation of the characters now that they are their parents' age, done by the talented brothers (Not "mai bruthas", but actual siblings) Dan & Tom Heyerman over at Pants Are Overrated. Be cautious about wandering the rest of their site; the comic is somewhat hebephrenic and, on occasion, extremely off-putting.  The art style is coherent and engaging; I hope they find their plot thread strength soon. If anyone would like to hire me as a professional webcomic critic, please contact me at your earliest convenience. (also, it is called Hobbes and bacon because the daughter is named after Francis Bacon) Sorry about the poor spacing, it is the only way to keep it legible.

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