Monday, May 02, 2011

Canadian Election Results 2011

This post is written with some mild non-Conservative flavor and is not really relevant for Tory voters.

The Conservatives have won their majority government, the NDP forms the official opposition, the Liberals have no place in Parliament for the first time ever in Canadian history and the leader of the Green party won the party's only (and first) seat in parliament. Two of the party leaders were not elected in their respective ridings and the landscape of the country is vastly different. However, courtesy of our voting system the majority of people (60%) will have voted for a party candidate that did not win the election. Rather than tucking into the ice cream and sobbing (or perhaps after) focus on the things that can be done now.

Talk to your candidate. The most important consideration of democracy is that you have a voice in parliament; as long as your MP accurately represents your concerns, beliefs, and priorities, then it does not really matter what party they belong to. (Except for the probability of whip votes).

Talk to other people. Create a dialogue about what is going on in parliament so that when another election rolls around the ground-work is already laid for accurate representation of previous actions, rather than the political mud-slinging that tends to choke the airwaves around election time, obscuring the real issues.

Talk to yourself. I don't mean pretend you have a Bluetooth so you can wander around muttering to yourself, I mean take heart. It likely won't be so bad. Consider the bright side: we live in a first world country - in all seriousness things are never going to get too bad. This just means we must all be more attentive to political occurrences than we have been, and that has never been easier than in this day and age. 

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