Monday, November 29, 2010

Rexcycle, Reduce, Reuse

Edmonton. Home of the recycling nation. We never get rid of anything if we can help it. Take a look: We had scrapped the city center airport. Said it was over, closed it, gave the businesses, to whom we had contractual obligations, the legislative finger even though the whole issue damn near tore the city apart. Now we are going to pave that sucker over and race the Indy on it, another event Edmonton "broke up" with (read council's lips: No More Indy), but can't really bear to part with even though I hear we are technically losing money on it, some estimate to the tune of $12 million which is a pretty ugly song.
The Edmonton Expo bid was prematurely whacked by the feds, but we're still going to cobble together bits and pieces of it, build a cool new bridge, etc.I've heard criticism of the Expo revolving around how the bridge and various other municipal projects were not going to be done since they weren't included in our bid to the Expo committee, and there is criticism that the Mayor did not tell Edmontonians about that, but simply taking the plans off the bid proposal doesn't mean that they were going to be done; it just means they wouldn't be presented to the bid committee, but would rather be included in the "tour" when the evaluation group came to town ("Check out our sexy new bridge!")
MLA Sherman, kicked out of the conservatives over a health care issue, only to be re-born as an independent. Last election almost our whole council got recycled, for better or for worse, including the mayor that everyone groused about, who still won pretty handily. Seem we weren't mad enough to put him to waste.
Sure we didn't get into the Grey cup, but we're going to recycle the party and use it to steal  money from the rabid Riders fans, who honestly sound sort of like the Hun army from the reports I've heard on the radio and my goodness, didn't I hear about it on the radio. I'm pleased the whole spectacle is over since now I can hear about some actual news stories. Like cookies. 
Even Alberta's main source of income is recycled dinosaurs.
 The only place we really fail is with the arena; rather than try to revitalize the current Rexall place, we'd rather dump a bunch of money into building a whole new one. I can really only support this if they fill Rexall with water and have naval battles (Is this on the agenda? We should look into this.)

On a personal front, I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to alter my eating habits over the last little while to resemble a 100-mile diet, or at least more local fare, but up to this point it's been almost impossible to get out to the farmer's market for such avails. I'm pleased to read on the Avenue Homesteader website (read her post about washing garden vegetables in the washing machine with fluffy towels; funny and good advice) about the Alberta Avenue farmer's market on 93 street and 118th ave, which is apparently open year-round, so here's hoping for some local produce! I hear chard and garlic are both locally grown here in Edmonton.

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