Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He Took his Vorpal Cell in Hand...

Oh Frabjous day; the new activist battle cry is here!
To join the ranks of such esteemed members as "Votes for Women", "Black Power" and "Make Love not War" is the line for our times:
"Don't touch my junk"

I'm not going to post the man's name here because he is obviously just another scum sucking twit looking for his fifteen minutes (Fifteen minutes that should rightly be mine) and it won't do to feed the enthusiasm, which  apparently now includes trendy apparel baring the slogan. I believe he is an attention-seeking mome because he recorded himself refusing, which means that he obviously prepared in advance. He was pulled aside for a random full-body scan, after he began recording of course, but it makes me wonder if it was really random, or if they picked up on his goofy expression as he thought "Boy, I'm really gonna pull a fast one on them!".

Consider: reading people's emotions may be the only safe-guard we have left. As Mr. Plambeck has pointed out, "There is a ridiculously common explosive that is ENTIRELY undetectable by every method currently used in airport security" so our best chance to stop this form of terrorism (every time I use that word I sigh) is to notice that dude is sure sweating a hell of a lot... Not that this method is particularly good, but it really hasn't been developed as much as it could be (then again I might be overly sympathetic to the method, given my psychology background).

When the man pitched a fit and refused a full body search he was given a refund on his ticket, but as he went to leave he was stopped by another airline officer who told him that he would run the risk of a $10,000 ticket and a lawsuit if he did not return to pass through security screening. A lot of people think this is overstepping their jurisdiction, but look at it this way; this guy would rather cancel his entire trip, inconveniencing his travel partners and suffering a partial refund just so he didn't have to let a security officer too close to his wee-wee area. You are damn right I'd be suspicious. That officer probably thought he was catching another terrorist (which I won't even bother to dissect the whole "terrorist plots everywhere" since I lack sufficient evidence to believe or disbelieve any news casts about such things [Isn't that funny, just a year ago I took news at it's word and now I can't believe a thing]) and I'm willing to put money on the fact that he was probably concerned, at least in the back of his mind, that the man he was confronting was going to knife him and detonate the 'port.

The cynic in me wonders if he simple balked because he didn't really want to go on a hunting trip with his father-in-law. He refused to go through a body scanner, and requested a whole body search instead, which is his right, but when the agent informed him that the agent would need to touch his groin area, the man shouted "Don't touch my junk!" See, he believes that since HE knows he isn't a criminal, we should just all SENSE it as well and let him pass unhindered to whatever destination he chooses. Perhaps he feels we should have psychics screening people at the gates now, "Hmm. Your aura is dark; I sense much fear in you. Please step this way, you are under arrest."

I hope everyone remembers the signs they put up in most establishments about how they reserve the right to refuse service; I feel these are relevant in this case. Dip-stick MaGee here does not have the damn right to fly on an airline. Flying is a privilege, and if you aren't going to party nice with the security people they aren't going to let you play in their sandbox. He was given a refund on his ticket price and as far as I'm concerned I don't care if he never flies again. No sweat off my ass. He can pitch a fit and stomp his feet all he wants, but if the airline wants to say they're only giving flights to people who can recite the entire pledge of allegiance backwards, What the hell are we going to do about it?

Some people say it's too much to have the security agent touch one's groin area, one person even likened the action to fondling, which in my personal opinion means he gets his jollies by imaging security people in much more sexual circumstances then they really occur in. I can not wait for the day when someone goes to the doctor and insists that the doctor diagnose him without touching him. "I'm really concerned about prostate cancer, Doc, but I'm not taking my pants off." Well, there's the door, sunny, don't let it hit your ass on the way out because it really costs too much to hire a defense lawyer for a door.

I notice, however, that none of the security guards are kicking up a fuss about how he recorded them, including sound, for public viewing on the Internet, without giving them the dignity of asking if they minded. Apparently since they work for "the man" they don't deserve rights. I can't record my own university lectures, and my workplace is not allowed to record sound, but this guy can do as he likes. He is even heard at one point to say he will submit to one kind of screening, but not the other. If only we all could define things the way we liked.
"Yes, I'll pay the parking ticket, but not the speeding ticket."

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