Sunday, October 31, 2010

When in Edmonton

do as the dEdmontonians do!

This year's Halloween is all about the DEAD: the feds smelling duck carcasses (Investigation pending), the emergency rooms possible maybe having really strict deadlines that they may or may not meet (who knows?), and two people murdered out in Millet, allegedly by a pro-hunting Meti spokesman named Ron Jones (More on that later). So what's this all mean?

Edmonton is trying to brand itself as Canada's Halloween capital, and judging by the fervor arising from this year's celebrations and preparations, I have to say we're well on our way. So to lighten the mood here are my own family's costumes this year (not really):
The puppies as storm troopers

My cat as the ghost of Christmas violence

Me, going as Victor's incredible facial hair

Victor is Batman
 Have a Happy Halloween!

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