Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two concurrent life sentences

For the man who killed two women in Ontario, and raped two more. In the court transcripts he sobs that he is sorry, he will always regret it, he's done despicable things, etc.
But I can only think this; he killed one woman. Then time passed, and he MADE A CHOICE to go out, plan (and he did plan) another murder, and killed a woman, this time keeping her alive for a day. This shows escalation, the thrill he got from the first murder was not enough. Should this man ever be released into public again, his chance of re-offending would be astronomically high.

Also, in the drama surrounding the murders and sexual assaults, the victims whose lives were also violated are being overlooked. He broke into people's homes, violated their sanctity, and threatened their daughters, even going so far as to leave a "thank you" note on one young girl's computer. The amount of damage this man propagated is mind-boggling.

Details from  the court emerge that he cried only when his confession tape was played. The victim impact statements had no effect; it was only when the revelation of his undoing was brought to light that he was upset. He is dangerously apathetic about the consequence of his actions on others, except where his wife is concerned. It appears that he was deeply concerned about what effect this would have on his wife. I believe this is born from one of two reasons: 1) He has been so obsessed with keeping this secret from her, that it would simply be old habit to try and keep this new revelation from her or 2) he is truly a psychopath and knows that the only person he could possibly hope to have stand by him in the coming years (and I hope they are long, bitter years) is his wife. I hope she sees through this and runs.

The most insidiously line that haunts me about this case? When he writes an apology to one of the women he raped, saying "no doubt [she'll] rest a bit easier now that [he's] been caught." This to me just implies that he loves the control that he has over his victims; that he's in their lives now, still having power over them (which is the main motivation for rape).

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