Monday, October 18, 2010

Consumer of French Candies

I've been watching the last minute feeding frenzy that accompanies election days and I keep having one thought:
Daryl Bonar.
What is with that guy?

I remember watching the scene in "Master and Commander" where Russell Crowe tells a story about Lord Nelson, and how he needed no coat because "'his zeal for King and country kept him warm'" and I recall thinking, "Boy, what a wiener." which is a bit mean of me, but I think few people read this blog for warm fuzzies. (Should you require warm fuzzies and are here mistakenly, please follow this link: )

Anyway, I was skeptical as always, that such a person could exist in current times; that kind of fervor only comes with a single-minded vigor, undeterred by modern media (Whether you choose to believe they hype, fabricate, or simply report violence, one fact remains: There is a lot of sadness in the media.) and unabated by the disillusionment that comes with over-familiarity with politicians, which we are taught breeds contempt.
But everywhere we turn, here in the City of Champions (Yes, we are, so shush. I'm not going to stop feeling it just because they stop using it.) there is Daryl Bonar. He is at The Edmonton Sun's board meetings, at my university shaking hands, with the homeless on the street, on my twitter feed, and darned if he is not the single biggest search that leads people to this blog. That means we want to know about him. Who is he, and what the hell does he want?

Because I now dry-heave uncontrollably when people iterate that candidates like votes (Uh-oh...No, I'm good, I'm good.) I'll just make a vague allusion to that fact that he'd like you to be his friend. I'm not going to endorse him, I just wonder what is making him tick? He is absolutely burning; do we want someone like that running the city?

He's got heart, charisma, drive, and a plan. He also has a team that seems positively rabid to promote him. Despite objections from his opponents that he "can not" offer a tuition rebate because "it is a provincial" matter, we do know that yes, he can, and if he gets elected and then fails to provide, we have got a solid promise to turf him on his allegedly well-shaped butt.

So where's the downside? He's new. He is squeaky, shiny, fresh-out-of-the-box smelling, and in this election, which many have called "pivotal", we cannot take the time to help someone learn from their mistakes. We don't get many second chances like this one; the boom which filled our city with people and money, then a slow-down, so we can regroup, build up, keep calm and carry on, has proven to be priceless. People say the next few years will determine where we go, and they're absolutely right.

Whatever you want, Daryl Bonar will be a risk, but there is no reward without risk. It is up to each voter, now, to determine if that risk is too great.

(Also,whichever direction this sways you: he relates most to Rocky Balboa. Take that how you will.)

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