Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Life turns

I've started a new job as night supervisor with G4 Security. I'm really excited about it, but well, I'm sort of weary.
Is this all there is to life?
I've been denied the military.
My eyesight may rule me out from police service.
How can I make a difference?

I find the idea of continuing this strange path for years and years incredibly tiring. Where can I find some meaning in this world?
there may only ever be the meaning I put into it, but this depresses me. Does nothing really matter? Or does it only matter enough? Is that enough? Will anything ever be enough?

Dark space open in front of me. For the first time, my path is not clear. How often do I have to kick open doors to try and find a new path? Doors that close so firm in my face.

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Anonymous said...

They say a path is not always clear. But sometimes it may not go straight to the destination we want most, but at least its winds and turns to show more then just a simple path.