Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

I've gotta admit, I feel kinda lost in a world without her.
She seemed kinda trashy, but I never saw a picture of her without her smiling in it. I kinda like that. I feel like people must have when they found out Marilyn Monroe died. Weird. Could also be because I've never been close to anyone who has died, but celebrities feel strangely close, since we follow their lives in tabloids so avidly.
Well, that's pretty much it for today. Pretty mindless, but I'm trying to distract myself. If I don't succeed I'm going to have to sit down and read the 5 articles I just downloaded on neural plasticity and perception. I should because I need them for Thursday, but...well...I just don't CARE right now.
Things are going better tho.
I knew I just needed a night of Karaoke and Sake. : P

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