Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fuzzy Logic

I've decided that I dislike vague things.
Of all things I abhor most, "possible" is the highest.
I dislike "alternate endings" in movies, books, comics, and especially my own life. I don't EVER want to know what "might have been" or "could have if I had X, Y, or Z'd".
I think most of this is due to my incredible guilt factor, and the obscenly high regret ability I posses.
I dislike things that are not clearly defined, or do not fit into a category. I like things that fit into more than one category, as long as fitting in one does not lower their ability to fit in another.
I wonder if this is something I should change?


gijoke69 said...

the only regrets in life are the chances you never took. And whats with the guilt factor? you got dead bodie piling up in your backyard? Your brain is too big to have any guilt in there.
You should be used to the fact that life,by definition, is vague.
There are no certainties, 100%'s or consistancies. Keep your chin up, girl. Life is what you make it, dont wait around for the positives to come to you, go out and get it!!

Michelle Ernst said...

If life is what I make of it, why are there no certainties? If I can make anything, why can't I make certainties? I have the guilt factor because I have a highly developed sense of empathy, and thus, any pain I cause to another person, directly or indirectly, hurts worse than it hurts them because I know I caused it. As for getting the positives? we'll see about that.