Sunday, December 10, 2006

Iraq and Afghanistan

I try to avoid talking on this over-done subject as much as possible, but I had a conversation a little while ago I thought was pertinent to relate.
It was mentioned that George W. Bush has gone into Iraq without a valid exit strategy. He cannot pull out now, for risk of looking uncommitted, but staying is costing soldier's lives and money.
What can he do?
Well, although this may seem reminiscent of England invasion of Scotland so many centuries ago, why not simply ask for soldiers who would be interested in permanent duty over there? We wouldn't be abandoning the country, but it would ensure that the people that are there, are there with the intent to build a good, strong, country. Which is our goal, right? There are undoubtedly people out there that are in love with the culture and nation, so let them stay there, give them land, make sure they keep their jobs as American Soldiers, to maintain a visual deterrence, and thus decrease the amount of active forces over there.

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