Monday, November 07, 2005


Last post was number 25, so I figured that was pertinant to mention. As well, I've discovered something else. I'm a misanthrope. This explains a few questions about my strange interactions with other people, and explains alot about my eclectic sexual tastes, and humor preferences. I think, perhaps, this is something that I should embrace about myself, however. I just wonder, what could this be cause by? My parents are wonderful, supportive, and stable (not completely faultless, but nothing that could possibly provoke this) Is it perhaps a chemical imbalance? Or some form of conditioning due to my neuroticism? Just a personality trait? Something that I'll grow out of because I'm just cranky right now? Lend me your thoughts all!
Oh, yes, one more thing: Jarhead. Awesome movie! AND it's a war movie with few disgusting bits! There are some burnt people, but it's not too bad. There aren't any juicy bits :P. If I'm not giving too much away, allow me to spout my favorite line, "Why are you in marine school?" "Got lost on my way to college staff sargent!" Then he smashes his head into a chalkboard.
Awesome. %100 awesome. But you have to like military things to like it. If you don't, don't even bother.

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