Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A "Very Significant Discussion"

Hey Victor? I think we should buy a new car.
A new car? But you don't have a license, we only need one car.

I know, but I just think it'd be really cool, you know? We'd have somewhere to put that Oilers bumper sticker.
Is that the only reason you want it? Because we could use that money to fix the flooring. 
No, I don't want that, it's boring. Besides my friend said she'd give us half.
Half is good, I guess. Where will we get the rest from? 
I don't know - We could ask mom and dad?
Didn't their basement just flood?
Honey! Come on! I want one!
If you're so set on this, why not a truck? We could buy a heavy duty truck?
No I want a car, just like the one we have, but blue ... with gold rims!
What does your friend want for the half she's going to give us anyway?
Well, she gets to keep it at her place, but we can totally have it for four weeks!
A month?
A year.
This is ridiculous! Why do you want this all of a sudden?
Look, the salesman said we had to do this by the end of the month or it'll be too late!
Have you ever heard that and not been swindled? It's just a pressure tactic. Besides we don't even want it - this month or next. We can't afford it and that's that.
You can't stop me! I'm buying it whether you like it or not!      
We just renewed our vows; aren't we supposed to decide these things together? 
Look, I have to go; It might already be too late. We'll talk about this when I get back with the new car! 

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