Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Bush

The Occupy Canada movement is starting to build momentum, but the issue of the 99% seems less compelling on our soil, our GINI coefficient (that measures the equal dispersal of wealth) is much lower here (0 indicates perfect equality, 1 indicates complete inequality)
Canada is in a position, however, to strike a decisive blow for solidarity and justice. It takes place on October 20th. Occupy Wall Street is meant to send a message to the 1%, and we have the chance to send a message to our politicians. They cannot do as they like. They are there because we allow them to be.

On to the logistics of the protest, however, a recent video has been making the rounds showing a police tactic that is changing the nature of protests from the inside.

I have to say, it seems Gandhi was right. The police are embedding officers into protests that escalate typically peaceful protests into riots, which the police can use force to shut down. This tactic is completely undone if the protests stay nonviolent. Realizing how difficult this can be in a protest situation (we are a mob creature) but the answer is to stay seated. No matter what. It cannot be subverted if it cannot be incited. Protesters should shun anyone who stands within a protest.

Society's fascination with zombies and post-apocalyptic situations makes sense now. We have become aware that we don't have a consciousness and we are working to change that. We are restless.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Ok, I completely agree that police inciting violence is wrong and I have to admit that I didn't think it was happening but I appear to have been wrong.
I don't have a problem with undercover police in the crowd, but every protest will have the whole spectrum of people involved and the police have to appear to be with the ones who don't condone violence and have to be dressed as such.
Second, my problem with the "occupy" movement is that they don't say what changes they are agitating for. Maybe its just because there's not a real "leader" as such. Maybe its a good thing.
And last, it drives me crazy to hear people like the young man with the mic at the end say that people have no power. Unless you seriously believe that our elections are shams, decisions are made by Those Who SHOW UP! If all these disgruntled people had actually voted in the last election, the results would have been completely different. It's like seeing a little kid yelling that they're hungry, all the while ignoring the food that's in front of them. Don't complain about not having power if you're not willing to use the power you have.
I mean, think about it: no matter how huge these protests get, the people who will make the changes they're yelling about are elected officials! Maybe the protesters should have voted to ensure that the people who were elected were in agreement with their point of view right from the start.