Friday, June 24, 2011

Prime Minister's Gamble

The word of the day today is betrayal after the Proctor and Gamble regiment, more commonly known as the sixteenth, refused orders to invade the Island of Borneo, citing corporate complicity.

Brunei has been owned by the Braun company since 2031 when they were bought out for their control of crude oil, the world's hottest resource. The purchase was strongly opposed by the religious community, but the deal was eventually brokered with the condition that the Braun company maintain the country's decades old tradition of free universal health care.

World Wildlife Fund denounced Canada's invasion of Borneo, citing the delicate balance of the world's most diverse array of species and precious rain forest - the last in the world since the devastating Brazilian wildfires eradicated the bulk of the Amazon, a criminal act of arson which still remains unsolved, despite links to several top food companies.

The recent development has sparked a firestorm of controversy about whether the regiment, wholly owned and operated by Proctor and Gamble, will be charged with treason or allowed to refuse postings that may violate it's obligations to shareholders. This case is the first of its kind in precedent-setting corporate-military ventures. Pundits suggest prior examples will be drawn from cases such as the States' use of Blackwater through the early 1990's onwards, Canada's invasion of Sudan, and the disaster of 2035, when forces from an unknown European bank invaded Disney world, believing it to be a headquarters for McDonald's, who bought the debts for several European nations the previous year.

Considering the sixteenth comprises the bulk of Canada's fighting force, it is uncertain whether the Prime Minister will be forced to reinstate the draft to muster the troops to continue his invasion, or risk looking weak in the eyes of many other national forces, which could prove fatal, considering the attempted invasion by Michelin's Michigan last year.

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