Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wryagra: Curing your Electile Dysfunction

I am assuming the election fun has started, as evidenced by the massive conservative banner hanging out by the highway turn-off for my hometown, but other than paper signs, I can see no indication that a genuine struggle for the 'throne' is underway.

What do you mean? There's been dozens of talking points!
Nothing really serious though.
The conservatives started off with a promise to maybe introduce income splitting for families with kids, possibly, if they can balance the budget, but the very notion is designed to benefit the upper middle class society where one parent works for a very high wage, and the other stays at home and raises the kids - it's enough to make one wonder if we have a population drop in Canada. "C'mon Canadians! Reproduce for Harper!"

The Liberals, not to be outdone in treating voters like they are idiots, announced that, if elected, they would offer a $1000 non-repayable cash 'gift' to students, which sounds like a pretty good idea because, hell, I'd love a cool thousand! In order to do this, however, they would be cancelling the tuition and textbook tax credits, which lowers the overall actual financial gain dramatically. Not to forget the gift would come off the amount students would be allowed to take out as a student loan. Obviously it would be more profitable to simply transfer money from a loan to a gift, but considering the credit issue as well, it just means this boon has its serious downside.

The green party is starting at a minor disadvantage since their leader is a woman (Females are still showing a marked discrepancy in political activity), but they exacerbated the problem so fragrantly by having her promise 'greater civility in parliament' that she has been effectively hamstrung by her own good intentions. It's true parliament is nasty, brutish, and long, but a lot of people, maybe even the majority, associate that kind of 'can-do' attitude with success and ability. Her dithering about the second-class treatment she received for the debate has certainly not helped matters.

The Bloc Quebecois is fighting the current Canadian exasperation at Quebec's antics, but they'll still likely get a decent showing for their regional affinity. Probably no point to memorizing "Prime Minister Duceppe" though, rumors of his departure after this election is undermining the strongest point they have - his experience.

As for the NDP, well, I'll just leave this here:

Needless to say, I have been following the election in the same way a mother follows her small child who is carrying around their full potty. It's possible they're just proud of themselves for what they have produced, but it's more likely they are going to smear everything until we are all neck deep in shit.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's a good one.
A couple of points: Did they really make Elizabeth May's problem more smelly? Though I have heard many stories about her actions (ie: the end justifies whatever means) that make her being a champion of civility a little smelly indeed.
As for the debate, I'm not a fan of Elizabeth but I see more justification for letting her into the debate (at least they're running candidates in all ridings) than for letting Duceppe in. I think the idea that they're excluding her because she's female is a little far-fetched though.
Awesome column!
lol, mapa