Monday, March 21, 2011

PROC part 4

I woke this morning like a little kid on Christmas, bright eyed to see what the committee had brought us Canadians for our political stockings, but after I was forced to shift my focus to my Anthropology midterm, I came back to what looked more like Hallowe'en when the only candy gathered by the ruddy-haired tots were raisins and those horrible peanut marshmallows.
I wish I could exaggerate the amount of word nitpicking that was enacted for a full four hours today, but I could not possibly do so, even if I used some, several, a minority, a number of examples. They were literally moving through, page by page, to approve every page as written. I can understand the why, it just seems ridiculous when every third page has a word or two that offends someone. The chair is maintaining good humor, but as they rounded page 35 (recall this was originally theorized to be two pages long), there was some debate about whether he had skipped pages.
This is all quite exciting, still, when considering it like a puzzle that one is putting together since we don't actually know what the report says, but in the same way as watching a blob of spit trail from your mouth, down the side of a building toward a busy doorway; there is the possibility of excitement at the end, but for now it's just gravity. 
It just occurred to me, listening to Mr. Scott Reid (CON) talk about the budget requirements for the second reading of bills, that without more stringent requirements for going over budget, few positive results will be garnered.

The end of the report outlines four options for the committee to consider:
Option A:  Find the government in contempt; many options
Option B:  Find the government delayed unnecessarily to provide documents; finance dept. investigates
Option C:  That the mid-week document dump constitutes compliance; there would be no further action taken
Option D:  Government was blameless; No further option taken.

I feel strangely elated to be 'present' for this moment. Option A held after a vote, it seems the committee recommends holding the government in contempt. The government will apparently be submitting a dissenting report. This must be what history feels like.

Here is an amended copy of the report they debated; the dissenting report from the government is at the very bottom, whiny accusations included. 

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Anonymous said...

This series of posts makes me think of chickens. pROC proc proc PROC! And I think that's a pretty apt description of parliament lately too. A roost of chickens, all squawking at each other.