Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm noticing a trend...

Tuesdays roll around and I just don't care. (My tuesdays, which are sort of wednesday morning, but meh)
Seriously. I don't think I could've written a grocery list today, let alone anything I would inflict on my friends and family.

Plus I had my big interview with the armored division gentleman, which I felt went really well, but I didn't get out until 11:30, and at that point I'd be up for 23 hours, doing 'stuff'. I was kinda bagged.

Few things I'd like to jot down. If I get the job, they'll give me a boot allowance. Money. To buy shoes. I really love my chosen profession.

As well, I woke up early and went to the gym this evening. I really destroyed it today; one thing that made me really happy was the fact that the fitness center itself, with the weight machines and what-not was crazy crowded with stupid-hot guys. (Like so Hot it's stupid. Not stupid and hot. Well. They might be. I don't really talk to people in the gym, but it's at the university so...?) nevertheless the weight room with free weights, dumbells and barbells, was COMPLETELY empty. I'm usually too shy to do anything really challenging because I dislike looking stupid (having to be saved by two gentleman from a 'bench-press-gone-wrong' was an experience I wish I'd passed on) but since there was nobody around, I went to town. Now, as I sit on my bum at work, I can feel, literally FEEL my ab muscles begin to get sore. It's kind of like feeling the tide come in. This creeping, growing awareness. On the plus side I have a very definite four-pack.

Yet another day of joy

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