Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am shamed.

Guilt is something that comes very easily to me. It is second-nature to feel guilty over something even as simple as a perceived social slight I have perpetrated. (I seem especially suceptible to embarassment over lack of social grace) Sometimes this motivates me, other times, not so much.

I had written, or more clearly, begun writing a story about a gentleman with a dog-sled team, while on my usual patrol, when I became aware of a general discomfort within myself. I did not vote this past election. In fact, I have never voted in any election of consequence. This has never bothered me before.

Earlier today, while making coffee, I read the article concerning the recently-deceased trooper Michael Yuki Hayakaze. His story is a tragic one, as all deaths are, but it struck a particular cord within me when it was reported he said (of his tour in Afghanistan)"If I die- obviously I don't want to- I'm OK with it. I'm at peace with everything." This man believed in what he was doing. He believed that Canada was making a difference by being overseas. Believed so strongly in his country that he was willing to give his life for it. In my quest to join the military, I had believed I was willing to do the same; had thought I, too, loved my country. But I'm not even willing to go fill out a piece of paper to help lead the country.
I cannot close my eyes, now, without seeing trooper Hayakaze. He fought for me, for my freedom. I will never be allowed to fight beside people like him, owing to past stupidities, but perhaps I can find a life that is worthy of this man's, and other's, sacrifice; their tremendous gift to me.
I would like, now, to say "Thank you" to Hayakaze, and to all the men and women who fight, in whatever way they can, to promote this country.

It seems rarely said, shadowed by America's massive ego, but it needs, sometimes, to be said,
God Bless Canada.


taxitalk said...

1. Canadians are americans
2 canadians that don't vote are like ignorant americans
3. that dude died so you could vote, and he has been dieing for a long time
4. too bad you're not in the military sounds like we need another soldier
5. I am an ass
hahahahaha at you
just keep cool

Michelle Ernst said...

1. You must be a New Yorker.
2. Like Americans vote.
3. "been dieing for a long time"?
4. I tried.
5. No argument here.

I'm a Canadian, I'm naturally cool in all senses of the word.

Are you heckling me or not? I can't tell.

Anonymous said...

many nazis believed in what they were doing was helping their country. That doesnt mean it was right.
This asshole didnt die for you.Lets stop with this patriotic shit alright. Hes just ignorant to the actual reason they are there.

Did you know now that the american military can enter canada and "help" in cases of riots and anything deemed an "emergency". So now can Canada too, in cooperation with the American Military.

The military, now, is just a pool of pawns who believe they are doing the right thing, and are told they are doing the right thing.

Ian Dreschnoir

Michelle Ernst said...

I'm going to submit a radical proposal. Most of what the third reich did, WITH REGARDS TO ECONOMIC ITEMS, did help Germany. They brought Germany back from being almost a third-world nation, to a major military and economic power. What he did further was dispicable and ugly, but history cannot deny he saved their economy.

I'm fine with the military being able to come in and help in emergency cases. I suspect you would be too if you were IN an emergency. You gonna stop a riot yourself?

And you aren't told that rebelling is the right thing? You really know that the military is doing no good in Afghanistan? You're one of the scientist that is conducting the study into the repreicussions of our presence there?
You're eating the same bullshit, you're just eating a different flavor. Try thinking for yourself for once.

Patrick Bullerwell said...

To be honest, the Canadian soldier that died, didn't really die for my country, he died for someone else's counrty. The reason why Canada is overseas in Afghanistan is to help the country become a better one. They are helping with the security. Training the country's soldiers. We are doing more then just hunting and shooting down "bad guys". The Canadain militry is helping to rebuild a country.