Friday, September 21, 2007

Conclusive evidence

Speaking of God,
I now have solid proof that not only does a deity exist, but He also loves me very much and wants me to be happy.

Othello, the ballet, is coming to Edmonton and I can totally afford tickets. And I have the day free. And the dress I bought for vancouver will match flawlessly.

*hyperventilates into paperbag*

It is my favorite Shakespeare. His tragedies have always been an interest of mine, although mostly a passing fancy. Othello, however, was like heaven in misery for me. Brilliant plot, incredible characters, and everyone dies in the end. Perfection. Not only that, but it is certainly the easiest of Shakespeare's to put on stage, since all the action revolves around the characters and one white handkerchief. Simplicity itself.
Ohhh Ecstacy of Brilliance

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