Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Akroma's Boyfriend creation table

There's been a girlfriend creation table floating around, so I figured this one should respond.
(This'll probably crack me up to about 12 crazy, but it's worth it...)
Ugly: At 10, you're not sure what age he is, 12, what gender, 14 what species, 16, what state
Immature: at 10, he'll call you "mommy", 12 in bed, 14 wants you to change his diapers, 16 breastfeeding.
Obsessive: at 10, he'll try to recruit you into his obsession, 12 asks you to drink the punch, 14, doesn't ASK you to drink the punch, 16 he's not even your boyfriend
Cheap: 10, you go dutch, 12, he'll save receipts "to be fair", 14, calculates how much gas you use in his car, 16, how much oxygen you use.
Rude:8, offends your family, 10 at first meeting, 12 and your ancestors, 14 without opening his mouth, 16 or being in the same room.
Stupid: 5, he'll ask for homework help, 8 with high school homework, 12, with a speak 'n' say, 14, with a book, 16 with a pamphlet
Macho: 10, he'll sleep with your friend, 12 your sister, 14 your mother, 16 all of them,18 at once.
Inattentive: 8 if you leave him, he won't know why, 10 or if you cry, 12 or get mad, 14 or die, 16 or live

Perks for flaws:
0 flaws- he's gay.
5 remembers important dates
7 does something for important dates
9 gives a crap in bed