Friday, September 30, 2011

Ammo Doesn't Spoil

It is considered 'in vogue' lately to joke about the zombie apocalypse, even permeating into the commercialization and marketing world, which is the absolute last place to accept anything new, for fear it might be 'controversial'.

But let us be honest, and make no mistake, the zombie apocalypse will not be zombie-fied.

A small town of 2,300 apparently had a large mob storm the hospital, intent on freeing one of their own who was inside after clashing his vehicle. The trouble started when two large parties got out of hand, and the entire police force of 20 officers was called to respond to the crowd of 70 - 80. Imagine a town like Edmonton; the officers would have the ability to arrest and detain every single person present. Situation contained. But in smaller towns like these, when enough people get together, it turns into a sort of 'mad max' situation. It's not like the officers can put everyone in the one to two cells most small communities boast.

Why should this matter at all?
Well, in this age of the Internet location is no longer king. The situation will likely develop until such time that the deciding factor in where a family settles is the company. When people can band together with their own kind, invariably we'll run into larger and larger mobs, relative to the town size that can accommodate it.

Moral of the story?

The 'zombie revolution' we're all joking about is just a public-consciousness prediction about the global revolution that is forthcoming when we return to a tribal lifestyle.

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Opal Sea said...

Yup. The beast has always been us.