Monday, August 29, 2011

Doug Horner Throws in One More, FOR FREE

Just looking at the sheer volume of his policies make me almost too depressed to start.
Fifteen. Fifteen sections.
I do this because I love you.
I haven't smiled since you were born.

Enhancing education
After the usual fluff fest detailing how awesome our education system is, blah blah, he gets down to ambiguous brass tacks with a policy to achieve an increasing standard of excellence. That policy is to focus on it. To achieve it. Blam.

On top of that he plans to give teachers the resources they need to get the job done right (do I really need to iterate how dangerous that statement is?), open more schools, and increase technology usage in our learning program. It's good to set concrete goals like reducing dropouts by 10% per year for five years, become the first place to support an online library for K-12, and set-up a health advice system, but when you include a $50 million fund for international projects my pockets start puckering faster than that time I fed my dog a sour soother.

The Q and A at the bottom is pretty interesting, especially when he's asked about restoring the $107 million that was cut. He waffles and says the first budget that will 'reflect the importance of education'. The asker snarkily replies, "I take your response to be no, you will not restore the $107 million in cuts to the Education budget should you become premier. Is that correct?" and the response waffles some more about how that's not what they're saying, yadda yadda. The exchange obviously did not proceed as planned since the next discussion about education runs thusly:

"as a proud Albertan student I always look for stuff to layer on my resume, the problem my friends and I come across is the lack of academic challenges and opportunities. You as a edvanced education minister certainly are aware that many people look for ways to improve there profile. What are you going to do in this field to help students of all ages."

The response?

(This might be the original poster simply correcting his mistake, which is extra tragic because of the numerous other mistakes, but it's funnier to think of it as a response.)

Accessible Leadership
He pledges to increase the accessibility of the Premier's office, which I assume includes more ramps, and rather than having a chief of staff simply field requests for attention by himself. To implement this plan he is going to invent news ways for constituents to contact their leaders, since email is apparently too inconvenient.

Top Level Leadership
It occurs to me that the candidates are functionally handing in policy 'resumes', but this is the first time it's really apparent. He actually lists experiences we should want and beneficial personality traits. It's just a Premier wet dream, so there is not much information to be gleaned.

Energy Leadership
Instead of reading and evaluating any further candidate's energy plans I am going to just listen to a recording that bleats "Improve environmentally friendly and efficient technology and strategies!" Mr. Horner goes one step further and promises pipelines and labour, but its still the same old dance.

Ordinarily I would post more for the first inclusion into this man's brain, but when I saw the next section was Improved Employability, I lost hope and sank into a glass of Sangria. I'll be back on Wednesday to finish this debacle.


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