Monday, August 30, 2010

Canadian Identity crisis

In the giant "family" of the international community, Canada is still a teenager, finding its place on the stage. As a result, Canadians are still trying to connect to a unified identity, distinct from similar nations. Following the "family" dynamic, it can occasionally feel like Canada is stuck between its rowdy younger sibling, America, and its older siblings, Europe, etc.
Canadians often feel ignored on the international stage, with the younger United States barging around being reckless. Struggling to break out from under its shadow, Canadians often find themselves attracted to anything that mentions Canada, occasionallly even fighting for attention.
Much like middle children, Canada is not an overachiever, preferring to watch the United States try things first before dipping its toes in. It occasionally starts long projects, but rarely follows through.
Canada's army must usually make due with the "hand-me-downs" from the older countries, and can rarely afford new items.
Finally, middle children are usually described as having "no sense of direction", and that's why Canada is so large; the explorers got lost.

Keeping all these gloomy revelations in mind, I turned to the primary source of "coming of age country" information available!
Some things that the internet recommends to "counteract" middle child syndrome;
1. Have a special day just for the child: Canada Day- Check!
2. Find unique talents: Training other countries' air forces - Check!
3. Expect individuality: Canada's U.N involvement as a peacekeeper - Check!
4. Praise works wonders: If we keep following the US around, they'll notice us eventually! - Eventual Check!
5. Spend "me" time with parents: Canada's vast wilderness and open skies- Check!
6. No competitions: ...Crap...

Well, using these simple steps, soon we should be on our way through the "emo" phase of our teeenage years, past the soul-searching, peace-corps-joining, granola-eating youth stage, and on to the mature, savvy adult phase! Huzzah!

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Roots said...

Haha that's rather insightful. I find the similarities are hard to ignore. I look forward to seeing what Canada becomes, being a middle child myself. Well I turned out alright. :D