Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pay as you drive

So here's the idea, in case you don't want to watch this handy video

The first year, you pay your premiums, based on 20,000 kms, or so most insurance companies claim. They check your odometer. If in the next year, you drive less, you receive a rebate off your previous years 20,000. The next year, you can choose to pay the lesser amount, and assume you will drive the same amount.

Personally, I know I would strive to drive less if I knew it would save me more money. Studies show that people drive approximately %10 less if they pay closer attention to how much they drive. It would also help people who routinely carpool, but occasionally require a second vehicle.

If you like this idea, please sign the petition. You do not need to donate afterward, although ipetition automatically transfers you to a donation page, the shysters. After only three days it has seventy signatures. They've implemented this system in Ontario, let's get it here!

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