Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Socket Wrench

There was a socket danging down from the sky. It was white and simple; a place to put a bulb. I stood, agog, in the middle of the road. I walked to it, touched it; there was no switch, but a long cord, all the way up, until I lost it in the sky, swingin with my touches with a great weight. I plugged my head in, screwed it up in, messing my hair; my face blushed, my cheeks flushed. How odd.


Anonymous said...

Hm, I like this. Do we all have a socket that lights us up?
lol, mapa

Roots said...

i didn't comment on this one right away, because honestly the meaning of it eluded me. However, due to what they author of the last comment said I think I grasp it.

It's an analogy for how in the long road of life there is something that will always brighten our day, flush our cheeks and make us feel warm inside. Our each individual "socket" if you will.

I like this as well.