Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Canadian pride, eh?

We Canadians don't have much identity. It is a scavenger hunt for pieces right now. Like a teenager growing painfully amongst hundreds of full grown adults.
There is a joke we tell; we believe we are better than Americans.
They have, through truth or artifice, a black president.
When will we have a native prime minister?

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Roots said...

Hmm, I both agree and disagree with the inferrence that Canada should have a Native Prime Minister as the US has a black president. I personally, think it would be great for a Native person to gain that position, however, I don't believe in having incompetant people in charge, ergo, that person needs to be well educated, needs to be a good leader and has to put in the same if not better effort into getting to that position.

Obama didn't become president because it was handed to him on a silver platter. He got it because he worked for it and this is the reward for his labours.

Well furthur talk would just be rambling and I think you are clever enough to understand my point so I will leave it at that.