Monday, February 02, 2009

Enough is enough!

Alright. I can stay silent no longer about this blatent disregard for human wellbeing! We must resist and overcome!
Tim Hortens. Why are so too cheap to provide paper towel in your bathrooms?? Those stupid air-dryers are worse than having someone lick my hands dry!! Are you grinding the towels up to make your coffee? Are you trying to be environmentally consciencious? Because you are FAILING; I get so annoyed I go outside and kick the poop out of any bit of nature unfortunate to get in my way!
From now on I shall be boycotting Tim Hortens! They can't treat us like this! In fact, I shall be picketting outside the nearest Timmy's! All I need is signs, a garbage can fire and some coff... oh. Oh they're good.


Anonymous said...

You're so funny! hey, have you dried those driers that blow so hard your skin ripples? hee, hee!
lol, mapa

Roots said...

Very clever. You used your distaste for automatic dryers in a logical circle of thought that brought you to a comical end to your otherwise prevalent purpose. Hysterical.

Michelle Ernst said...

Oh I see! You trolled through blogs and used your incredible dry wit to make yourself seem intellegent and relevant.

Michelle Ernst said...
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Roots said...

And I did it all sans spelling errors. ;) My apologies, I didn't intend to come off as sarcastic. I meant every word. And yes I do a little trolling every once in a while to find new and interesting people. I hope you don't mind my minor invasion. :)