Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Takin' the training wheels off...

This building is so thin I can hear people cough in the room upstairs. It's useful because I can monitor my surroundings more effectivly, it's discouraging cause, well, when I'm busting out "proud mary" at 3 in the morning, I don't really need everyone critiquing my singing. ( seriously people, It's not meant to be sung well, it's meant to be sung ANGRILY!)

I've my first meeting with a financial advisor tomorrow. I'm less terrified then I thought I'd be, but still aware that it will be 10:30 and I will not have had sleep for a bit, and my body will be all-ready for bed by then. I may have to censor myself heavily.

I also have an appointment with a laser eye surgery clinic in the city to be assessed for my surgery suitability. I'm exacted, but still tense. If I'm disqualified, my Police career will end before it starts as well. I have no reason to be nervous, but I am aware of the possibility for a lot of hurt.

Speaking of hurt. I have a cat. Her name is Xiao-mei (a mess of chinese that I like to think translates to "tiny younger sister". Since the only chinese-speaker I have asked about it thought I had named her Chowmein, I have decided I don't care if it translates well or not) She is, unfortunatly, a bundle of energy wrapped in pointy tiny claws. My arms bare the marks of a thousand flying leaps. She is practically death-defying in her aerial acrobatics to get onto my shoulders. However, she is soothing to me, and relief when I come home and she's there. I managed to clip two of her claws today. Not two paws. Two claws. I consider this a triumph.

In other news, my job is going well. Many prospects for new training, and I've fully adapted to the nightshift now. the new gentleman I am working with is really great to work with, although his english is a tad slow. I've been debating learning some spanish, to help meet him halfway. On the plus side, he's quick to correct himself, and eager to do whatever. I am happy.

I am melancoly however, from missing so many people that are so important in my life; Mike in Wainwright, Tim in Gagetown, Tobe's fallen off the world, Edmund still persistantly in Toronto, my family in High Level. I also haven't even heard from Mike in WEEKS. MIKE, If you are reading this, bloody well call me! You could've had a tank fall on you, and I likely wouldn't know! This makes me grumpy!

The last, most exciting recent new thing is Opera tickets! I have a ticket to Carmen (!!) next Tuesday and Othello (!!!) on November 3. Ohh I'm tingly all over!

Well, that's all. Probably.
Love to everyone who cares to update this.


Anonymous said...

Love back!
I like your writing and wish you did more.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

*hugs* othello? Curse you woman, for attending this play so far from your homeland! *glares* but I hope (I SUPPOSE) that you enjoy it in any case. And that you take care. *hugs* miss ya.