Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tragedy in three parts

So here I sit. Gussied, if you will pardon the expression, to the nines. And unable to get up the urge to go to a club. Perhaps I shall just Get all pretty periodically, just to be sure I can still do it. It's really sad tho. I put on my face, covered myself in sparkles, threw on some sprayed on jeans, and a tank. and now I'm going to create a new character in D2.
Well, It is the expansion, so I guess that deserves some pretty...

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Anonymous said...

D2 huh?
Well, if your online, let me know, eh? I might have some kit for ya.
Assasins are the shit! And Necros are good starter character.
Hope things are cool.
And, if you have to get a paintsprayer out to look pretty, that sounds like an inadequicy thing. But, what do I know.