Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pysch-Social Heuristics

I've said it, for years, and damnit. Two pieces of wisdom that will always hold true about pople:
1. People Will always act to the percieved most positive consequence.
2. If someone wants something badly enough, they will work to get it.
3. If someone wants something to be true for them, it will be. (such as fortune telling, etc.)

The tricky thing with these rules is they seem moronicly simple, but they need to stew. Seriously. Think them over on the can; which is, as far as I know, the best place EVER to think. Apply them to your life. Things become simpler after using these rules, it seems. At least bipedal dealings do.

As for Day3, it was largely unmarkable, except for being called a man. A good man, but a man nonetheless. But I didn't really examine the ice cream aisle, sooo...

As for life on the personal front, I'm having episodes with marriage. (episodes are expressions of issues) I really would like to marry my boyfriend, but he would like to wait a year, and I'm not sure why.He would like to buy a house, but damnit I don't want to live in a house I haven't helped buy. It makes me feel worthless and useless. He says also he wants to wait until I'm out of school. Why? Because homework and a married life don't mix? Sigh. I was psyched about travelling to Ontario to meet his family, but now, I'm not sure.
It seems so lame to travel across the country, and spend a vacation together, just to meet his family and be like, "This is my Girlfriend." How 12 years old can you get?
Maybe I just really want some bling...
I sometimes hate being female.
But I bought a crapload of nice lush stuff, so it's okay. I'm trying henna on my usually blackish hair, so wish me luck!
Guess I'll let it all stew. Usually works for problems, and solutions, and damnit, everything. Everything gets better with time. Or at least, more extreme.

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