Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why must everyone subvert my efforts?

*clutches head* The notorious rapper 50 cent has made the statement that he would make a good role model. "do what I do, not what I say". Few statements infuriate me more than this one. In either way (say not do, do not say) Why should there be a difference?Do as you say, say as you do. This reduces cognitive dissonance for all involved. If anyone has listened to 50's lyrics, it becomes obvious why he can't do that. Or compose a simple sentance. Or seduce a woman. "I touch the right spot at the right time." 50 cent Candy Shop. "My mamma gone, you can stay the night. I'm not playin', I'm tryin' to fuck tonight. Lights off, hands up, face down, Ha-ha." 50 Cent Jus' a lil bit. I wish I were making these up. However, they speak for themselves. I'd like to rant about the objectification of women. Before your brain turns off, like society has programmed you to do in response to "feminist" ideas, let me through something your way. Why must a successful woman dress sexily? The media shows powerful women barely dressed. Why is that? I would like, if I could, to eliminate any gender impurities, and simply be a scholor. I hate the fact that my opinions are dismissed because I'm a woman. Or younger for that matter. I'm sort of rambling in this post, but on a happy note, my birthday is in a few days!!! Yah me!

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